Institute of Digital Forensics and Crime Prevention(IDFCP)

Automate your video analysis with machine learning

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Video Analysis

*Automatically identifies thousands of objects in video

Webcam Face analysis

*Get a live analysis for webcam facial images

IDFCP Video Features

machine learning powered

video analysis service

Object, scene, and activity detection

auto identifies thousands of objects

Content moderation

auto detects inappropriate content

Text detection

auto detect and read text in videos

Celebrity recognition

detect and recognize well known persons

Face detection and analysis

detect up to 100 faces in a video frame

Live Webcam support

Analyze live webcam images

Video Size

analyze stored videos up to 10GB in size

Video Length

analyze videos up to 6 hours in length

Current Processing Jobs

supports a maximum of 20 concurrent jobs

Video File Formats

supported file formats are MPEG-4 and MOV

Paymet Method

Pay as you go Model